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Thank you for visiting KLS-Online. This Web site (our “Site”) is organised, provided and hosted by KLS-Online. All content, information, and services provided on and through our Site may be used only under the following terms and conditions. PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SITE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH ANY PART OF THESE TERMS OF USE, YOU MUST NOT USE OUR SITE.

Your Information

KLS-Online is the owner of all the information collected through its website. KLS-Online does not and will not sell or release the information it collects to any third party.
Consultants and loyal customers who subscribe or register with KLS-Online will be requested to provide personal information including an e-mail address. The information provided is used purely for information requested from KLS-Online in accordance with the rules and regulation of the Consultants Agreement forms and the Customer Registration forms.

Protecting Your Information

We acknowledge your trust and are committed to take reasonable steps to protect Personally Identifiable Information you provide online from loss, misuse, and unauthorised access.


Cookies are the names of a technology that allows sites to store information in your browser. These Cookies does not identify you. It does however, give your browser and identifier that our web site only can recognise while you are logged to our web site and allow KLS-Online to monitor and track traffic that enable us to improve and deliver a better service. We strongly recommend that use the option that notify you when a Cookie is received in your browser, which then gives you the option of accepting or denying the accepting it.

Links to other Web Sites

Our web site may have links to other Web sites. This Privacy Statement does not cover the information practices of those Web sites linked to our Site, nor do we control their content or privacy policies. The information in this privacy statement relates only to our Web site.

Changes to this Statement

KLS-Online reserves the right to alter, change and amend its privacy statement and policies without prior notice. Please check back frequently, especially before you submit any Personally Identifiable Information at our site, to see if this Privacy Statement has changed.
By using our Site, you acknowledge acceptance of this Privacy Statement in effect at that time of use.

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